Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The planting of tree seedlings in Ethiopia through the Green Legacy Initiative is a unique model and a very clear illustration of willingness to mitigate climate change in Africa, Morocco’s Ambassador Nezha Alaoui M’hammdi said.

The Green Legacy Initiative is a flagship program that succeeded in planting 25 billion seedlings, fruit trees and cattle feeds within four years.

The second phase of the program was launched to plant another 25 billion seedlings in June 2023, targeting to plant another 25 billion seedlings in the coming four years.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Moroccan ambassador said she was impressed by the project because the diplomatic corps has been invited to take part in planting trees.

“It is very impressive for many reasons because it is a unique model and it is a very clear illustration of willingness to mitigate climate change in African countries in an area or region where climate change is affecting not only agriculture and economy but also the population.”

The ambassador noted that we talk about displaced people because of security, but we have in Africa unfortunately displaced people for climate change reasons and the Horn of Africa is a clear illustration of that.

“Having a country like Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa and in Africa in general, showing this very commendable project of planting trees every year is an example for not only African countries, but also for other countries out of Africa because fighting or mitigating climate change today is not a luxury. It is necessity because we live it,” M’hammdi underscored.

Elaborating on the significance of the project, she stated that as a resident of Addis Ababa just this year it is the first time for her to see that the rainy season is no longer like before; and this is the impact of the climate change. Therefore, this endeavor is impressive and an example for all of us.

Many experts point out that the Green Legacy will have irreplaceable role for Ethiopia’s economic growth and development by enhancing the nation’s forest coverage and withstanding the impact of climate change.

Following the massive tree seedlings in Ethiopia, forest coverage has jumped over 17 percent in the past four years through the Green Legacy Initiative.

Moreover, Ethiopians across the country have recently planted 500 million seedlings in 12 hours or half a day as part of the second phase of the Green Legacy Initiative.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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