Gov’t, Private Sector Built Tourist Destinations Enhancing Flow of Tourists: Minister

Tourist destinations built by the government and the private sector are improving the flow of tourists to Ethiopia, Tourism Minister Nasise Challi said.

The minister stated that the nation has now been able to return the tourism sector to the position it was before the advent of COVID-19.

The mid-term implementation of the first phase of the 10-year perspective development plan and the second phase of the mid-term plan to be implemented from 2016-2018 were reviewed in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today.

During the occasion, Tourism Minister Nasise pointed out that activities carried out over the past 10 years in the tourism sector have not been as desired mainly due to COVID-19 and security issues.

However, better achievements have been registered in the development of the sector in the concluded Ethiopian budget year as the nation was able to return the flow of tourists to what it was before the advent of COVID-19.

In this regard, the contribution of tourist destinations built by the government and the private sector in various parts of the country is huge, she noted.

The minister also announced the plan of constructing 10 new tourist destinations over the coming ten years, in addition to renovating the existing ones by engaging the private sector.

She further stated that promoting tourist destinations under construction will be intensified.

Tourism Minister Nansie pointed out that over the coming years a great deal of attention will be given to strengthening tourism conference by using Ethiopia’s comparative advantage as a seat of Africa.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency