Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Addis Ababa, The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture has distributed new vehicles and laboratory equipment worth 34 million USD to regional agricultural bureaus and research centers. The critical assets were purchased with financial support from development partners.

At a ceremonial handover, Minister of Agriculture Girma Amenti and World Bank Country Director Ousmane Dione presented 197 vehicles, 1,850 motorcycles, and lab equipment to help strengthen Ethiopia’s agricultural sector.

In remarks, Minister Amenti said the provisions will accelerate and aim at expediting the achievements being registered in the sector, citing the encouraging successes in summer wheat production, the green legacy initiative, and the “Yelemat Tirufat” development campaign, which focuses on nutritional opulence.

He pledged robust agricultural extension services to enable the majority of farmers to harvest surplus production.

The minister added that the assets will promote sustainable community-based watershed development, increased climate resilience, and greater agricultural productivity overall.

The modern vehicles, motorcycles, and equipment will empower regional bureaus to realize greater food security, environmental sustainability, and prosperity for Ethiopia’s rural communities.

The minister also mentioned the community-based basin development being carried out by the government in 501 districts located in 11 regional states and 1 city administration with 500 million USD obtained from the World Bank.

The World Bank Director for Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan, Osman Dio, said Ethiopia has been registering successful achievements in land management, including the Green Legacy Initiative.

The Country Director stated that the support is instrumental in helping accelerate agricultural production and productivity in all areas of the country.

The World Bank will work to implement Ethiopia’s best practices across sub-Saharan African countries, he stressed.

He affirmed that work being carried out with the government of Ethiopia, particularly in the digital registration of fertile lands developed through the ongoing basin development programs, will be intensified.

The support is provided through the Agricultural Growth Program (AGPII) and the Climate Action through Landscape Management (CALM) Program; food and nutrition laboratories are provided by the Food and Nutrition Program, as indicated

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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