Government Commits to Developing Tourism Destinations – PM Abiy Ahmed

Addis Ababa: During the 14th regular session of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reiterated the government's unwavering commitment to advancing tourism destinations. In response to inquiries from council members, Prime Minister Abiy emphasized the significance of the tourism sector and the immense growth potential it holds for the country. Prime Minister Abiy also revealed that the ongoing renovation of the renowned palace, Jubilee, will be completed within the next three months. This announcement was made during the 14th regular meeting of the House of People's Representatives as part of the Prime Minister's comprehensive response to the raised queries. In his remarks, Prime Minister Abiy underscored the government's steadfast dedication to enhancing historical sites for tourism, citing the successful construction of Unity Park, which has already generated substantial revenue by leveraging Menelik II's palace. Furthermore, Prime Minister Abiy highlighted the ongoing construction o f the Jubilee Palace, a project characterized by its exceptional quality and efficiency. Once the renovation is finalized, the Palace is poised to become one of the most alluring and highly sought-after tourist destinations in Addis Ababa. The project, which involves a workforce of 3,400 workers, is progressing smoothly. In addition to these endeavors, the government is actively engaged in restoring other significant historical landmarks, including the Lalibela churches and Gondar churches. Prime Minister Abiy emphasized that the objectives of these initiatives transcend mere income generation; they represent a dedicated effort to safeguard Ethiopia's cherished lifestyle and heritage, he said. Source: Ethiopian News Agency