Germany Keen to Further Strengthen Economic, Diplomatic Cooperation with Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Germany is desirous of further strengthening its economic cooperation with Ethiopia and supports all endeavors of the country to bring peace, Germany Ambassador to Ethiopia Stephan Auer said.

In his opening remarks on the 33rd Germany Unity Day at the premises of the German Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ambassador Auer said that the economic ties between our two countries are solid but not good enough.

“Germany stands with Ethiopia in the challenging times where we have to share our economic reconstruction, demobilization, and rebuilding of a democratic society with our Ethiopian friend,” he added.

Multilateralism is the bedrock of global peace and prosperity, the Ambassador stated, and he added that his country welcomes African Union membership to G-20 and supports Africa’s permanent representation in the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Furthermore, he added, “The political and economic integration process will also promote peace, stability, and prosperity in Africa. We need Africa’s voice in international relations and multinational fora to tackle global challenges.”

Ambassador Auer commended the Ethiopian government’s commitment to continuing and intensifying its political and economic reforms.

“We are encouraged to see the commitment of the Ethiopian government to establish a credible transitional justice mechanism respecting international standards and brining justice to the victims,” he noted.

Finance Minister Ahmed Shide congratulated the successful unification and integration of Germany, which managed to build its capacity as a whole.

Lauding Germany’s successful transformation of state unity, it “demonstrates how Germany successfully managed their political differences and different issues, and two different systems came together to build a democratic and prosperous society.”

He added that there is a lot to learn from this history which has been part of global development.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency