Gauteng Legislature welcomes launch of crime fighting unit in Gauteng

The Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Community Safety has welcomed the newly launched crime fighting unit in Gauteng by Premier Panyaza Lesfufi and MEC Faith Mazibuko.

The Committee is pleased that the launch of this unit will see 6 000 Crime Prevention Wardens deployed in communities especially in townships, informal settlements and hostels to protect residents and fight crime.

This much needed crime prevention intervention is anticipated to reduce the scourge of crime in Gauteng that continues to rob residents off their right to freedom and peace.

This government led initiative is more like a replica of what was historically known as Street Committees where community members organized themselves to provide safety and security in their neighborhoods.

Unlike Street Committees, this initiative is government led and funded and the Committee is concerned that there seem to be an over reliance on government to provide peace and security in communities and that there is little being done by residents to assist government in fighting crime.

The Committee therefore calls on residents of Gauteng to organize themselves and take part in programmes such as Community Policing Forums and augment government’s efforts of effectively fighting crime.

The fight against crime in our communities can only be won if residents play a more proactive and effective role in working together with Police to resolve issues of crime and creating environments where everyone is and feels safe at all times.

The Committee further noted with concern, some residents who instead of welcoming and supporting the newly deployed Crime Prevention Wardens took to social media and started body shaming some.

The Committee condemns this kind of behaviour as it only serves to degrade and humiliate others whose only crime is committing to serving and protecting their communities.

Community members should welcome these Wardens with open arms and provide them with the necessary support in executing their responsibility of creating a safer Gauteng.

Source: Government of South Africa