Four robbery suspects nabbed with stolen property

yesterday, Durban Central members were patrolling performing crime prevention when they swiftly responded to a robbery complaint and arrested four suspects aged between 18 and 24, for robbery with firearm and possession of suspected stolen property.

The suspects are expected to appear before the Durban magistrates’ court soon.

On the 06th of June 2022 approximately 19h45, the complainant was on foot at corner of Field and Queen Street in Durban. She was robbed at gunpoint by four (4) a/males who took her Samsung JCore and cash of one thousand rand (R1000).

The Durban Central crime prevention Members swiftly responded to a robbery complaint immediately after the robbery and approached the complainant who supplied to them the description of the vehicle that was used by the four suspects.

Members took the complainant, drove around with her and look for the suspects around the Durban CBD .The suspects' vehicle was spotted in Victoria Street with all of them standing next to it.

The complaint positively identified them. Upon searching the vehicle, the cellphone was found and identified by the complainant as hers. The suspects failed to give explanation of ownership.

They were arrested and detained at Durban Central, for Robbery and possession of property suspected to be stolen.

The vehicle that was used by the suspects was seized.

The cash money of the complainant that was robbed, & firearm that was used were not recovered

The Suspects will appear at Durban magistrates’ court soon.

Source: South African Police Service