Five suspects arrested as crime combating operations continue in Mangaung Metro

BLOEMFONTEIN - Five more suspects were arrested in Mangaung Metro as crime combating operations and interventions continue against drug trafficking and peddling in different Mangaung Metro Police Stations precincts.

On Friday, 15 April 2022, members of Welkom Public Order Police Unit Reaction Team were busy with patrols in U-Section Botshabelo when they were stopped by a member of the community who informed them of premises where drugs are allegedly being sold. The identified house was visited and the police asked permission to search from the 37-year-old male and he agreed. A total of 19 halves and 06 quarters of mandrax tablets were found hidden with cash under the carpet. The suspect was arrested for possession and dealing in drugs.

The stop-and-search activity continued in and around Reahola Complex and a 30-year-old male was arrested in possession of 03 bankies of Methcathinone and cash. A Container converted into a shop was searched in the same area and 174 Methcathinone bankies were found with cash. A 32-year-old male was arrested for dealing in dagga.

The operation at Reahola Complex continued and another male was arrested in possession of 09 Chrystal Meth bankies and 01 full Mandrax tablet. The suspect voluntarily led the team to a house in J-Section. On arrival at the house members asked for permission to search leading to the discovery of 19 Chrystal Meth bankies and cash were found hidden in the wardrobe. A 33-year-old male was arrested for possession and dealing in drugs.

Case dockets were opened at Botshabelo and Boithuso Police Stations. The seized drugs were booked in Evidence Management System and the suspects are being detained in police custody. All suspects will appear in Botshabelo Magistrate Court on Tuesday, 19 April 2022.

Source: South African Police Service