Fishing company donates to Mwadhina Gwanembenge school

OSHAKATI: Tshwaragano Fishing Company donated IT equipment to Mwadhina Gwanembenge Combined School to the value of N.dollars 50 000 at Oshakati on Tuesday.

During the official handover, Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Sylvia Makgone said the school still needs more computers, thus it’s important to learn to share and invest in the education of the Namibian child.

Makgone stated that by investing in the education of the Namibian child, they are not only giving them a chance to thrive but also fostering a future generation of leaders who will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the nation.

“These computers are a symbol of equality and inclusivity, and will be ensuring that every child has the tools they need to succeed,” she said.

According to Makgone, currently people live in an era of profound technological advancement, and nowhere is this transformation more evident than in the field of education.

She indicated that the school computers they just received are more than simply electronic devices; they are tools of empowerment and opportunity.

Makgone said through access to technology, students can explore a world of knowledge, expand their horizons, and develop essential digital skills that are increasingly crucial in the contemporary world.

Further, she said that fishing companies should not only do mere Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), but it should be an act of willingness and from the heart.

“We are not selling the fishing quotas that we give to the fishing companies, so freely they should also give to their communities,” she concluded.

School principal Immanuel Aron said that they want to introduce computer studies as a subject, and first needed computers to accomplish their aim, thus needing the support of stakeholders to make this a reality.

He noted that the school aims to fill one of the classrooms with 20 computers.

Director of Tshwaragano Fishing Company Inocencio Verde stated that the donation will help the school meet its goals of achieving the desired 20 computers.

“This is a step towards achieving all they need and embracing the motto of ‘just start’ which is a leap of faith for achieving anything they set their mind on,”

Source: The Namibian Press Agency