Expert Group Finalizing Last Stage of Inputs Gathering for Transitional Justice Policy

The Transitional Justice Expert Group announced today that it is finalizing the last stage of input gathering for the National Transitional Justice Policy.

Recall that the expert group has been conducting consultations with various stakeholders at national level to gather inputs for the policy.

Briefing the media, the Transitional Justice Expert Group Coordinator Tadesse Kassa said that the group has been gathering and organizing inputs in the preparation of the policy.

The group has been soliciting inputs from a wide range of stakeholders, including victims of human rights violations, civil society organizations, government officials, and academics, he added.

According to the coordinator, the inputs of expert group would contribute for peace building and reconciliation in Ethiopia.

Mareshet Tadesse, a member of the expert group, stated that transitional justice is essential for countries in transition.

Transitional justice is a process that seeks to achieve justice, find the truth, reconcile victims and perpetrators, and prevent the recurrence of human rights abuses, he explained.

The member revealed that a policy framework for transitional justice will be developed through consultations with the public to the government.

The framework will be based on international experiences and will be tailored to the specific needs of Ethiopia.

The National Transitional Justice Policy is expected to be a comprehensive and inclusive document that will provide a roadmap for Ethiopia’s transitional justice process that is expected to be a key tool for addressing the legacy of human rights violations in Ethiopia and for building a more just and peaceful society.

Another member of the group, Misganaw Mulugeta, said on his part that transitional justice is an act of searching for the truth by clarifying how and by whom the alleged human rights violations were committed.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency