EU Council’s Conclusion on Ethiopia will Help Strengthen Partnership: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The EU Council’s Conclusions on Ethiopia issued on April 24, 2023, among other things, acknowledged the progress made in the implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement, according to a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued today.

Ethiopia has endeavored to revitalize its partnership with the EU, the Ministry said in a statement it sent to ENA, adding that the Council’s conclusions will help strengthen this partnership.

The EU’s readiness to re-launch its regular Multi-Annual Indicative Program, its strong encouragement of the International Financial Institutions to assist Ethiopia in its economic stabilization and reform agenda, and its call on creditor countries to swiftly conclude the debt restructuring process through the Common Framework are welcome, the statement appreciated.

“It is high time that Ethiopia’s relations with the EU and other friends of the country are placed on a robust grounding,” it noted.

The statement pointed out that Ethiopia’s partners are reinvigorating their relations with the country as Ethiopia continues to make remarkable progress in consolidating and sustaining peace, undertaking economic reforms; rebuilding communities affected by conflict, and making progress in climate-resilient growth.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency