Etosha National Park’s road in dire state, despite upgrade: Smit

Member of Parliament (MP), Nico Smit on Thursday, questioned the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism’s (MEFT) claims that it has spent over N.dollars 136 million since 2009 to upgrade the roads at the Etosha National Park.

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP in the National Assembly told the House that despite such claims, all roads in the national park are in an undrivable condition.

“’All roads around the Okaukuejo rest camp are literally undrivable. Nothing has changed since my previous visit in June 2022,” said Smit, while calling on MEFT minister Pohamba Shifeta, to provide evidence that the money was actually spent where it was allocated.

Meanwhile, National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) MP Josef Kauandenge asked Education, Arts and Culture Minister, Ester Nghipondoka, what the ministry is planning on doing with the problem of placements for grade one and grade eight learners in public schools.

This, he said is an increasing and ongoing concern and questioned whether the Ministry has a contingency plan to address this problem.

These questions will be addressed in Parliament on 15 June.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency