Ethiopians Living Abroad say Multifaceted Dev’t Works Cornerstone to Alleviate Poverty, Promote Image

Addis Ababa: The multifarious development undertakings being carried out in the country are the foundation for poverty alleviation and building the image of the country, according to second-generation Ethiopian Diaspora. The second generation of Ethiopians diaspora are visiting the country following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's invitation 'Back to your Origin'. Accordingly, second generation of Ethiopian Diaspora celebrated Christmas and Timket in Ethiopia with their families. During their stay, members of the second generation have visited many development projects in various parts of the country. Mulu Nugusie who came from Colombia said that the development works being carried out in Ethiopia are marvelous and indicative of the bright future. The projects that are being carried out or completed in all spheres across the country will elevate the country to the next level and ensure the sustainable benefit of citizens, she observed. She added that the Dine for Sheger, Dine for Nation and Dine for Gene ration projects, in particular, fosters the country's good image, apart from their underlying economic returns. The development activities are transformative and registering tangible results, Mulu stated. For another visitor, Yidnekachew Bekele, while living in Europe, he was hearing negative portrayals of Ethiopia, he said, adding his visit has proved the unfounded stories of the country. He added that development projects which are completed with speed and quality and render services are assurance that Ethiopia's prosperity is inevitable in the future. He mentioned that the multifaceted development works that are being carried out in Ethiopia have opened new avenues and are admirable, where all of us need to support to register success. Adugna Engesu from Brazil said on his part as our ancestors have passed on us an independent nation, the present generation must work to defeat poverty. In this regard, Adugna pointed out that the works that are currently being carried out in the country are promisin g and the collaboration of all of us is needed. Recall that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on the second generation Ethiopians living in different parts of the world to come to their country in three rounds from December to September. Ethiopian News Agency