Ethiopian, Japan Hold Policy Dialogue in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Japan have held a policy dialogue and discussed on the development cooperation charter, the new country assistance policy for Ethiopia, and rolling plan for Japanese assistance to Ethiopia.

The meeting was chaired by State Minister of Finance, Semereta Sewasew and Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ito Takako.

Briefings were made on the Country Assistance Policy for Ethiopia (Draft) in which the Japanese government plans to contribute to the realization of human security, high-quality economic growth, improved access to, and quality of social services, and increasing opportunities for Japanese companies to enter the Ethiopian market, thereby further enhancing bilateral friendship and cooperation, as well as Japan’s presence in African regional diplomacy.

To attain the above policy several targets were presented including “Investment in People” for the realization of human security in the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation from conflicts and natural disasters.

The other targets presented were building a resilient economic structure by promoting a market economy system led by the private sector while rebuilding the economic infrastructure and establishment of a sustainable socio-economic system in order to promote resilient and sustainable economic growth and climate change countermeasures based on vulnerability to climate change, and sustainable approaches to urban planning.

The meeting was concluded after both sides agreed to finalize the Country Assistance Strategy and jointly collaborate to address the challenges and support the realization of Ethiopia’s development objectives, according to ministry of finance.

Former Chief Representative of JICA Ethiopia Office, Dr. Morihara Katsuki, new Chief Representative of JICA Ethiopia Office, Oshima Kensuke and officials for the Ethiopian public institutes and from the Embassy of Japan and JICA were also present at the meeting.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency