Ethiopian Embassy Launches Green Legacy in Pakistan by Planting Saplings on Premises

The Embassy of Ethiopia in Islamabad, Pakistan, launched the Green Legacy Initiative today by planting diverse species of tree seedlings on the premises of the embassy.

Ambassador Jemal Beker Abdula, alongside federal ministers and business representatives, planted diverse species of trees, including jacaranda, avocado, pine, and olive, among others.

According to the embassy’s press release, the ambassador praised the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on the occasion and commended the Green Legacy Initiative for its significant impact in addressing climate challenges, conserving the environment, generating employment opportunities, and ensuring food security in Ethiopia.

He said 25 billion seedlings of trees, fruits, and cattle feeds were planted during the first phase of the Green Legacy Initiative which was launched in 2019.

On 17th July 2023, the second phase commenced under the theme "Let's plant our future today," aiming to plant another 25 billion seedlings across Ethiopia.

Notably, Ambassador Jemal said Ethiopia achieved a remarkable feat on 17th July 2023 by planting over 550 million seedlings in 12 hours, which was a success that garnered immense support from more than 32 million people participating in the initiative this year.

Beyond national borders, he stated that the Green Legacy Initiative earned recognition at the international and regional levels, inspiring neighboring countries to undertake massive tree plantation campaigns to shield the African continent from the adverse impacts of climate change.

Pakistani Minister for Aviation and Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique extended gratitude to the Government of Ethiopia for supporting his country in carrying out flood relief activities in the country in the recent past.

He also welcomed the Green Legacy Initiative in Pakistan and vowed cooperation with the Ethiopian Government in this regard.

Pakistani Aviation and Railways Minister Khaja Saad Rafique, Narcotics Control Minister Nawabzada Shazain Bugti, PM Special Advisor Ahsan Zafar Bakhatawari, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, representative of diplomatic corps, senior officers from the Climate Change Ministry, religious leaders, youth association, and media outlets attended the plantation, the release said.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency