Ethiopia Would Consolidate Endeavors to Realize Aspirations of Securing Seaport: NISS

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia will reinforce its ongoing peaceful negotiations based on the principle of give and take in order to fulfill its aspiration of securing seaport, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) underscored. This was stated at a symposium organized by the National Intelligence and Security Service under the theme 'Ethiopia's quest for seaport.' Speaking at the symposium, National Intelligence and Security Service Deputy Director General Sisay Tola said the country which had owned ports for thousands of years was made landlocked for the past three decades. With the current objective situation in the country, however, the nation cannot afford to continue landlocked, he added. The deputy director general noted that four major factors justify the urgency of the demand for sea ports, which among others include the economic development of the county, the growing population and the need for equitable benefit for the people of the country, legal and historical rights of the country t o secure access and ownership of seaport. Sisay, who stressed that Ethiopia's demand for access to sea and ownership right should not be perceived as individual use, added that the MoU signed with Somaliland is focused on mutual benefits and is a blessing that contributes to the growth of the region and not to harm any country. However, historical and current adversaries of the country are trying to distort the issue and use it to sow discord and confusion in the region. Therefore, the diplomatic community and all Ethiopians should make the truth clear and the Somali government and the international community, the deputy director general stressed. He further urged all public and commercial media and social media outlets to discharge their historical responsibilities by explaining the truth to the international community and about Ethiopia's needs for seaport. NISS Deputy Director General, Tazer Gebregziabiher said on his part that special attention is given to the implementation of the agreement entere d with Somaliland, which happens to be not the only one. The agreement has defied the wrong assumption that prevailed about the quest for seaport, which was taken as something untouchable, and opened the door for effectively securing the strategic interests of the country, he added. According to the National Intelligence and Security Service, the symposium was attended by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, security, intelligence and other as well as invited guests. Ethiopian News Agency