Ethiopia Will Continue to Play Major Role in Realizing Economic Prosperity in Africa

Addis Ababa: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Ethiopia has been playing a major role in realizing trade ties by playing a leading role in the implementation of agreements like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, among others, African Affairs Director-General Fisseha Shawel noted. In an exclusive interview with ENA, the director-general said that the country has been using its leading role in the continent to ensure that Africa becomes prosperous. According to him, Ethiopia is strengthening cooperation in terms of economy, infrastructure, and trade. The contribution of Ethiopian Airlines in connecting Africans with the rest of the world is a great demonstration of infrastructure connectivity. Also, the country is playing a leading role in the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement which will play a major role in realizing trade ties. The country with the second largest population in the continent has been actively engaged in peace, economic growth and prosperity of Africa. Ambassador Fisseha explained that Ethiopia is ready to fulfill its responsibilities as there are many African countries following the leadership role that Ethiopia has started. He stressed that Ethiopia has a strong desire to develop itself, neighboring countries and the continent by taking a moderate position internally and externally. Its foreign policy gives priority to neighboring countries and expands to the continent and then to the world, the director-general stated. Ethiopia, which is known as a great fighter in the struggle for independence in Africa, is striving to bring good relations in the continent by coordinating neighboring countries, strengthening people-to-people ties and creating a situation where money and capital can move freely. Source: Ethiopian News Agency