Ethiopia Upholds its Honor through Sanctifies of People, Security Forces: Former Army Members

Ethiopia was able to firmly ascertain its sovereignty, territorial integrity and honor through the relentless sanctifies paid by the people and members of the security forces, commanders of the former Ethiopian army underscored.

Ethiopians across the nation have been observing the 2nd day of Pagumen which has been designated to ‘Sacrifice Day’ under the theme “Sustaining a Country through Sacrifices.”

The day is observed to commemorate and pay tribute to Ethiopians who paid relentless sacrifices for their country at all areas of their activities.

Speaking to ENA, the former army commanders remarked that members of the defense and other security forces who safeguarded public peace and national unity need to be commended for the selfless sacrifices they have made.

They added that Ethiopia, the owner of ever shining history is a cradle of thousand years of civilization, whose sovergnnity was not tampered by any force and the only African country that was not colonized.

Brigadier General Tesfaye Habtemariam, a veteran of the former army decorated with a medal for his extraordinary performance at the battle field remarked that in her long history Ethiopia has managed to swart all aggressions.

He added that since the advent of our forefathers, Ethiopians have paid unfathomable sacrifices in their lives to ensure that the nation would be able to withstand firmly and conquer all her challenges and cruise through history with honor and glory.

Brigadier General Tesfaye stressed that the current National Defense force of Ethiopia had continued to safeguard the sovereignty of the country which was transferred to it by the sacrifice paid in flesh and blood by the former defense forces of the country.

Another veteran commander of the former defense forces, Major Tamene Abate said that Ethiopia has valorous and patriotic fighters who stand for the dignity of their country from generation to generation.

He added the unity among the people of Ethiopia, love for their country and security forces that will never compromise the sovereignty of the nation, have made the country to stand firmly and with honor through ages.

Sergeant Birhanu Amare, another officeer in the former defense forces said Ethiopians have paid numerous sacrifices throughout the generations and noted that the people of Ethiopia are anxious for the unity and solidarity of their country.

He added that the present generation of soldiers in the army is equipped with modern technology, strong zeal to defend their country with strong patriotic feelings.

Members of the former defense forces who talked to ENA stressed that those who are paying sacrifices for the defense of their country must be accorded with pertinent honor and glory.

They added that the current generation should realize that paying sacrifices in one’s irreplaceable life is the highest form of patriotism

The former defense forces officers noted that honoring and decorating patriots will help to generate new blood of patriotic fighters.

They remarked that the history of their achievements must be properly recorded so that the present generation would be able to draw lessons from their experiences.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency