Ethiopia Provides Infrastructures to Neighboring Countries Out of Its Commitment for Mutual Benefits

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia's Efforts being exerted to provide various infrastructure alternatives including the supply of renewable energy and water to neighboring countries is out of the genuine intention that the nation aspires for shared development and mutual benefits in the region, according to Minister of Water and Energy, Habtamu Itefa. Delegations of Ethiopia and Djibouti led by the Minister of Water and Energy Habtamu Itefa and Director General of the Djibouti Consulate in Dire Dawa, Ambassador Mussa Haji Jemal, visited the Ethio-Djibouti transboundary potable water project in Adigala, Somali region and its surroundings where they observed the project's activities. On the occasion, the minister stated that ensuring a shared development and mutual benefit are Ethiopia's main intention in the region. Hence, the country is exerting its utmost contribution to enhance mutual development among communities of its neighbors with similar identities by even sharing from its meager resources. He cited the develop ment activities being carried out by Ethiopia to supply potable water and renewable energy sources to countries in the region. The minister indicated that despite Ethiopia is a big country with a very close distance to the sea, the country is landlocked which is hugely affecting its aspiration for development, emphasizing the need to support Ethiopia in its efforts to meet its demands just like the efforts it is exerting to make the neighboring nations beneficial. Ethiopia's long-term aspiration, according to the minister, is to realize shared development with its neighbors. In this regard, those who have not properly understood the recently MoU signed with Somaliland ought to be cognizant of this as well. Ethiopia is committed to providing its neighbors with infrastructure options with a view to help them expedite their respective development; the minister said urging countries in the region to consider the quest for access to sea and alternative ports. Pointing out the importance of water for regional integration, Habtamu indicated that neighboring countries have been benefiting from the natural rivers that flow from Ethiopia. Minister of Water and Energy, Habtamu Itefa has also underlined that Ethiopia upholds the principle of give and take, emphasizing the need to prosper together by sharing the challenges and blessings for mutual development. Source: Ethiopian News Agency