Ethiopia Needs to capitalize its Best Airlines to Promote Tourism: Mexico’s Ambassador

Ethiopia needs to use the best airlines in Africa (Ethiopian) to promote its beautiful tourism attractions as Mexico open to work with the country to promote the sector, Ambassador of Mexico to Ethiopia Victor Trevino said.

Recently, the government prioritizes the sector as one of the pillars of the economy for the country and has given due attention under the 10-year development plan.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated “Dine for Nation” projects on Koysha, Wonchi, and Gorgora believed to inspire and transform Ethiopia’s tourism sector.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador of Mexico to Ethiopia, Victor Trevino said Ethiopia and Mexico are very proud countries about their culture and history among others with long-term bondage.

Even though Mexico is too far in terms of geography, Mexico’s first embassy in the whole continent was established here in Ethiopia, he elaborated.

The longstanding friendship between the two nations goes back to 1936 when Mexico strongly condemned the Italian invasion of Ethiopia and supported its independence and status as a member of the League of Nations.

Alongside maintaining the importance of history, the traditions of the two nations, he said “we need to go further for the importance of the future. We need to pass these values to the younger generations and we need to increase our trade ties.”

The Ambassador stressed that increasing trade ties has to be one of the priorities of Ethiopia and Mexico.

“We import more than we export. For example the main import product of Ethiopia to Mexico is the sesame seeds and we export to Ethiopia some parts of agricultural machinery but we need to increase the trade ties further.”

In the near future, he added “we can increase the cooperation in the tourism sector as well. As partners, we must promote the tourism industry in Ethiopia.”

For the Ambassador, Ethiopia has beautiful sites, but unfortunately it is not even in the top five tourist receptionists in Africa even though you have the most important airlines in the continent to promote the sector and you have the beautiful places to visit.

The airline serves 131 international passenger and cargo destinations, including 63 African cities, with daily and multiple flights with a minimum layover in Addis.

The country has lots of cultural heritages, ethnographic attractions, traditional crafts, natural resources, natural beauty, the scenery, the landscapes, and the beautiful weather among others.

“You need more human resources to exploit the tourism resources and to promote it to the global community. We are open to work with Ethiopia to promote scholarships for people to study tourism,” he noted.

Praising the recent peace agreement in Ethiopia, the Ambassador stressed that peace is vital to attract more investment to Ethiopia in various sectors in general and in tourism in particular.

Ethiopia, which is the diplomatic capital of Africa, is known as “the land of origins,” where many important archaeological and paleontological milestones have been uncovered.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency