Ethiopia Has Great Deal of Traditional Holidays to Attracts Tourists, Says Ethiopian Diaspora

Ethiopia has many traditional holidays that can further be promoted to the world with a view to attracting tourism, Ethiopian diaspora Alexander Kemal who attended this year’s Irreecha festival in Addis Ababa said.

The Irreechaa, the thanksgiving festival among the Oromo people was colorfully celebrated at Hora Finfinnee in Addis Ababa in the presence of Aba Gadas, Haadha Siinqees and thousands of attendants today.

Foreign nationals and members of the Ethiopian diaspora have also been participating at the festival.

People in groups have flocked to Hora Finfinnee chanting songs and wearing colorful traditional attires.

Irreechaa is one of the best festivities of Ethiopia where cultural singing and dancing are common.

Alexander Kemal, an Ethiopian diaspora, who came from Türkiye to attend the celebration, expressed joy for being part of the festival.

“I am happy to see the Ethiopian people celebrating their holiday and it is very colorful. This is really amazing and I'm proud for being part of this holiday,” Alexande, who is also from Gondar, said.

All the things being observed at the festival are a great opportunity to the development of tourism.

He said Ethiopia is rich with many traditional holidays that can be scaled up to attract tourists from the world.

"Ethiopia has so many traditional holidays that can be up leveled and introduced to the other parts of the world to make them sources of tourism attractions."

He was also very much impressed and amazed by the beautiful traditional clothes as the designs can be taken to the international stage.

Moreover, Alexander elaborated that the festival is very important to promote peace and unity among Ethiopians.

He urged all Ethiopians to strengthen their unity so as to overcome their challenges, adding that ''the choice that we have is unity,''

“Ethiopia is a country where several nations and nationalities live together in Unity. In our long history we've been an example to the world and African nations have taken an example of Ethiopian unity.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency