Ethiopia Captures 158 Human Traffickers, Brokers: Women and Social Affairs Minister

The Government of Ethiopia has apprehended 158 human traffickers and brokers during the past three months ago, Women and Social Affairs Minister Ergogie Tesfaye disclosed.

Speaking at the High-level Dialogue on Missing Migrants held at the AU today, the minister stated that the criminals were captured in cooperation with Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, and the Interpol.

Ethiopia is taking measures to minimize irregular migration and significant progress has been made in collaboration with partners and stakeholders, she added.

Attributing the driving cause of irregular migration to economic reasons, the minister stressed that all should fight the cruel and offensive acts carried by human traffickers.

In this regard, Ethiopia is taking significant measures to tackle the challenges regarding irregular migrations in collaboration with different development partners and with other stakeholders including the IOM, ILO, and Freedom Fund, it was learned.

According to her, the government of Ethiopia gives due attention with committed political will to minimize the problem and the deputy prime minister is taking a lead on the national council for irregular migration.

Despite breaking scenarios that have been happening, Ethiopia has proved to be resolute in addressing the above challenges, the minister stated, adding that a case in point is the commitment of Ethiopia to the Global Compact for Migration, which promotes safe, orderly, and regular migration from its inception.

She revealed that Ethiopia remained instrumental in the ratification process of Global Compact for Migration (GCM) and was recently recognized as a champion country in East Africa.

Since the adoption of the GCM, various practices and proclamations as well as declarations that are action-oriented have been developed and revised to respond to various challenges related to the migration phenomenon in Ethiopia.

“Efforts around mainstreaming GCM aspiration, are also underway under different industries and sectors,” Ergogie said.

The minister further stressed that it’s essential to link national efforts with continental and global agendas.

“Hence, I wish to take this opportunity to commend the African Union Commission and ACHPR for the adoption of a historic resolution 486 on the topic which provides key particular recommendations to member states. Ethiopia indeed recognized this important resolution and its recommendations.”

She also noted that Africa has been at the forefront when it comes to the issue of migration when it signed up to all the 23 GCM objectives of overcoming all aspects of migration.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency