Ethio-Jordan Relations Progressing in Many Areas: Ambassador Ensour

The Ethio-Jordan bilateral relations are progressing in many fields, Ambassador Zuhair Ensour told ENA.

Jordan's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zuhair Ensour, said that the relations have been moving forward in many fields, including in people-to-people, cultural, and tourism sectors.

According to him, an Ethiopian delegation in Amman is planning to open an Ethiopian Embassy in Amman because there are more than 33,000 Ethiopians staying in Jordan; and this is a very huge community.

The diplomatic relationship between Jordan and Ethiopia is very strong, and the countries also cooperate in the global arena.

“There is cooperation in the field of economy, politics, and culture,” he stated.

High-level visits between the two countries are starting to move and the bilateral relations are showing some progress.

Ambassador Ensour said an agreement in the labor field was renewed last week, referring to the agreement signed between the representatives of the two countries to regulate recruitment.

He believes that the cooperation between the two countries is great, except in the economy.

The ambassador stressed that trade exchange between Ethiopia and Jordan needs to be scaled up as it is about 22 million USD a year.

There are some Jordanian investors in Ethiopia engaged mainly in the manufacturing and agro-processing sectors, he noted, adding that Jordanian investors are happy and ready to invest in Ethiopia.

“When the economy is ready, we are ready to move and bring Jordan investors who are happy to invest in Ethiopia,” Ambassador Zuhair said.

On the other hand, officials from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited Amman a few weeks ago and met with high-level officials.

They are most welcome and we are pushing them to hurry up to open the mission in Amman.

He further revealed that the Government of Jordan has provided land to the Ethiopian Christian Tewahdo Church to build a church for the Ethiopian community around the holy site of the Jordan River.

We are waiting for them to build the church, the ambassador said.

Moreover, there are four Ethiopian flights from Addis Ababa to Amman every week that strengthen ties between the countries.

Ethiopia and Jordan are making progress in their diplomatic relations, but there is still room for greater bilateral and multilateral collaboration for the mutual benefit of both nations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency