Ensuring Participation of Women Crucial in Addressing Climate Change Impacts

Addis Ababa, Ensuring the participation of women is pivotal in addressing the impact of climate change worldwide as they are the key players in community resilience, State Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mesganu Arga said.

Addressing a half-day seminar organized by Ministry of foreign affairs, UNESCO and Embassy of UAE in Ethiopia with the theme “Empowering Women the Public Sphere and Climate Spaces” Ambassador Mesganu said climate change is an existential threat.

Empowering women in the face of climate change means recognizing their unique knowledge and contribution to sustainable development, the state minister pointed out.

Ensuring the participation of women in climate adaptation and mitigation efforts is pivotal as women play a crucial role in conservation, sustainable agriculture and community resilience, he further elaborated.

“We continue to strive to ensure the inclusion of women within every aspect of our efforts, creating an enabling environment for women led climate action.”

Director of UNESCO Liaison Office to AUC and UNECA and Country Representative to Ethiopia Rita Bissoonauth said for her part that women play a pivotal role in climate adaptation and mitigation efforts not only in Africa but worldwide.

Highlighting that women’s knowledge and potential can significantly contribute to climate solution and sustainable development, she said yet women often find themselves undr-represented in decision making spaces related to climate change.

“As UNESCO we strongly support and recognize the pivotal role of women as agent of change in climate change.” She added that women’s involvement enhances creativity and introduces diverse perspective resulting in more inclusive and effective climate policies and actions.

Similarly, Charged’ Affairs at the Embassy of UAE in Ethiopia Suood Al Taniji said the UAE believes in the important role of women in addressing the climate crisis.

Stressing that promoting gender equality is important, he affirmed the UAE has always been committed to the empowerment of women.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency