Eighty-seven police officers promoted in Kavango regions

RUNDU: A total of 87 police officers were promoted during the second round of promotions for the 2023/24 financial year in the Kavango East and West regions on Friday. Twenty-five police officers were promoted in the Kavango West Region while 62 were promoted in the Kavango East Region. Of the 62 officers in the Kavango East Region, 33 were promoted to warrant officers, 20 to inspectors and nine to senior inspectors. Last year, the region promoted 150 junior officers from constables to warrant officers. Speaking at the occasion, the acting regional commander of the Kavango East Region, Deputy Commissioner Eino Nambahu said the rank of a warrant officer in all uniform setups is a very crucial rank as that is where supervision starts. 'On the other hand, commissioning starts from the rank of an inspector,' Nambahu said. Meanwhile in the Kavango West Region, of the 25 police officers being promoted four were female and 21 male. The police officers were promoted to inspector, senior inspector, and chief inspector ranks respectively. Kavango West Regional Commander, Commissioner Julia Sakuwa said it takes a lot of commitment, loyalty, resilience and dedication for a police officer to deliver on their national duties. She also highlighted that members of the force are promoted in recognition of their commitment and dedication to national duties, and thus a promotion should not be seen as a mere decoration, or just a reward to an officer or a member; 'it comes with huge responsibilities'.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency