Council of Ministers Passes Decision for Declarations of State of Emergency in Amhara Region

The Council of Ministers in its 23rd regular session today has unanimously passed decision to declare a state of emergency in the Amhara region.

The council noted that the illegal activities in Amhara Regional State backed by arms has reached a point where it cannot be controlled by the regular law enforcement.

The situation in the region is seriously disrupting the peaceful socio-economic activities of the public, affecting the peace and safety of the public and it has threatened the constitutional order of the nation. Hence, to ensure the peace and safety of the public, the situation requires a state of emergence and take appropriate measures.

The council further recalled that the Amhara Regional State has made request to the federal government noting that the destabilization in the region is causing large scale of humanitarian, social and economic losses and cannot be controlled through regular law enforcement.

Accordingly, the council of ministers has passed decision for a declaration of state of emergency in the Amhara Regional State and take proper measures in accordance to article 93/1 of the Federal Constitution.

Hence, the Council of Ministers has unanimously passed decision for a state of emergency to be declared in the Amhara region.

Meanwhile, the Council of Ministers has also discussed on the draft proclamation of Addis Ababa University establishment.

The proclamation that enables the University to become autonomy and carry out its research activities and teaching and learning process without any interference. The bill will be effective. The council thoroughly discussed and approved it to become effective from the date of publication on Negartte Gazette.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency