Climate Commission to hold Komati Power Station community consultations

The Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) says it expects to host a multi-stakeholder community consultation at Blinkin Village in Mpumalanga to "consider and discuss its Interim Report and Recommendation on the Komati Power Station Decommission and Repurposing process”.

The community consultation will be held on Friday.

“The report follows initial submissions and an oversight visit conducted by the Commission on 7 July this year. The PCC visited the Eskom Komati Power Station earlier this year with the intention of understanding the process of decommissioning and repurposing, and make recommendations on the lessons learnt from the process.

“The consultation on Friday follows from the decision of the commission’s 11th quarterly meeting held on the 29th of September, to go back and consult with various stakeholders about the ongoing process of decommissioning and repurposing the Komati Power Station and to enrich and address gaps on the PCC’s interim report and the associated recommendations,” the PCC said in a statement.

The Komati Power Station was officially taken off the grid in October last year after serving the population since 1961.

Since then, Eskom has revealed that it will use the power station as a renewable energy site.

The Komati site is expected to be powered by 150MW of solar power, 70MW of wind power and at least 150MW of battery storage power.

Source: South African Government News Agency