Chris Hani police stamped authority resulted in less crime committed

Police within the Chris Hani District stamped the authority of the State to maintain law and order in their respective stations and ensure that less crime is committed over the weekend.
Police embarked on operation Vala Konke and ensure that those who break the law are brought to justice. During their patrols they were doing stop and searches from their policing precincts and arrest suspects for possession of drugs, suspected stolen property, assault, common robbery and selling liquor without license. Police filled up the space so that less crime can be committed and the citizens feel safe and secure.
During their tour of duty they also checked the compliance on taverns and closed the shebeens and liquor was confiscated. In an effort to fight crime police also confiscated dangerous weapons during the stop and search.
All suspects arrested during this weekend will appear at different Magistrates’ Courts within the Chris Hani District on Wednesday, 28 December 2022.
The Chris Hani District Commissioner Major General Rudolph Adolph appreciated the high visibility by foot soldiers and that they cleaned their towns and ensure less crime is committed.

Source: South African Police Service