Cambridge detective secures 24 years’ direct imprisonment for murder accused

CAMBRIDGE - Detective Sergeant Bulelani Mgubo's outstanding investigation secured the harsh sentencing of 24-year-old murder accused, Yandisa Ndida who was handed 24 years direct imprisonment in the Grahamstown High Court today.

This follows a robbery with aggravating circumstances incident on a railway foot crossing from Hemingways Mall towards Cambridge on Wednesday, 14 April 2021. The deceased (63), believed to be a former security guard, was walking from work when he was stabbed to death by the accused. Ndida attacked, stabbed and robbed him before fleeing the scene. He took the deceased personal firearm and cellphone during the incident.

Detective, Mgubo gathered every piece of information at the crime scene and followed all possible leads that led to the arrest of Yandisa Ndida. He presented a thorough investigated docket in the Grahamstown High Court.

Judge Gerald Bloem found Ndida guilty and sentenced him to 24 years for murder, 15 for robbery, 10 years for possession of firearm and six years for possession of ammunition. All the charges will run concurrently, thus an effective sentence of 24 years.

The Cambridge detective commander, Colonel Nomtu Tyafu commended Sergeant Bulelani Mgubo for his sterling investigation that secured a harsh sentencing.

Source: South African Police Service