Bulelo promises fireworks against Rehabeam

Namibian catchweight boxer, Hedison Hipondoka Bulelo, has promised to knockout his opponent, Usko Rehabeam, during AC Boxing’s first boxing bonanza of the year slated for 10 June.

Speaking at the announcement of the boxing bonanza on Tuesday, Bulelo said Rehabeam (Usko) made a wrong choice to agree to a fight with him.

“I am going to knock him out. Years ago, I was supposed to fight him, but he chickened out. This time around he has nowhere to hide. I am going to school this boy in boxing because he has no manners,” he said.

He added that come fight night, he will be on top of his game, and therefore he is grateful for this chance to settle one of his wishes.

“People have been waiting for this fight and I am thankful to AC Boxing Academy for availing their boxer to face me. He must be ready on fight night because I am going to hurt him if he does not come prepared in the ring,” Bulelo said.

Meanwhile, Rehabeam said he was born ready, and Bulelo has no skills to win a fight against him.

“You can keep on talking but I will educate you in the ring on fighting when the day comes as you have no skills to fight at my level,” he said, calling on people to buy tickets for the fight that will see him humiliating his opponent.

AC Boxing will host its boxing bonanza at the NamPower Conversation Centre in the capital with the aim of raising funds for Baby Metha’s medical expenses.

Baby Metha is a six-month-old baby suffering from severe brain damage and needs urgent medical care. AC Boxing will be hosting the bonanza to raise N.dollars 500 000, which will be donated towards the baby’s medical needs, which include an operation in India.

Source: NAMPA