Building Indigenous Values, Personalities in Schools Critical to Create Nation Loving Citizens: Experts

Ethiopian experts suggest the need to work on building indigenous values and personalities along with the formal educational knowledge in the education system in order to build a reasonable generation that loves the country.

The Prime Minister Office organized “Addis Weg” discussion platform under the theme “Shape Generation Medemer” today.

Minister of Education Professor Birhanu Nega on the occasion said it is necessary to build a generation that is rational and loves its country so that Ethiopia can use its blessings properly.

A generation who would work for Ethiopia with self-motivation should be created, he stressed.

Starting from family level, religious institutions, schools and other social institutions should play their role for this cause, he pointed out.

According to the minister, in addition to their knowledge development efforts, schools are being made to carry out personality building activities as stipulated in the new education curriculum.

The Medemer Generation book has created a favorable opportunity for discussion on how to create a generation that is suitable for Ethiopia, Professor Birhanu said.

Professor Panos Hazendrias, who also works in the field of education, said “our education system should focus on global ideas based on indigenous knowledge.”

Reminding that the education system in Ethiopia has excluded indigenous values for centuries, Panos observed that this has made the generation not to fully understand the existing reality of the country.

Therefore, he stressed the need for additional curriculums based on personality building.

The Medemer Generation book indicates a new approach in creating a generation that knows and loves the country, he noted.

Psychologist Seble Hailu noted that it is the current generation that is responsible for shaping Ethiopia for a better future.

The present generation should overcome grudges and promote love and cooperation instead of hatred, the psychologist advised.

Beamlaksira Fassil, a 12th grade student, said that a paradigm shift is needed to shape the generation in a better way.

In this regard, the Medemer Generation provides a new perspective of generation building that included me and my peers, she explained.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency