BRICS Membership Facilitates Development in Africa, Says African Affairs Researcher

Ethiopia’s membership in the BRICS group will contribute toward facilitating Africa's 2063 development Agenda, according to African Affairs Researcher Musa Shekhu.

The researcher told ENA that the endorsement of Ethiopia's membership to BRICS is the result of the country's diplomacy and its historical place in African civilization, among others.

The BRICS group can benefit from the country as Ethiopia has huge human resources and the country is blessed with natural resources, while the BRICS group has technology and knowledge and needs resources, he said.

Musa further pointed out that Ethiopia's active diplomacy made the country the focus of the world's attention.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made tremendous efforts to bring Ethiopia into the BRICS group, even though there were countries competing with the country, which demonstrates the country's active diplomacy on the global scene.

According to him, Ethiopia's hosting of international and continental organizations in the capital also gives the country great political weight.

He further noted that the BRICS group would benefit Ethiopia which has gone through several security and economic challenges.

Ethiopia is on the right track and the country is working to become one of the economically emerging countries, the researcher added.

Regarding the African role in the BRICS group, Musa said that there are African countries in the bloc and they must work to achieve African interests.

The Ethiopian role is unique in facilitating and enhancing diplomatic advancement in African representation in the BRICS group and making efforts to achieve African development launched by the African Union in its Agenda 2063 as well as opening the door for Ethiopia to join international organizations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency