BRICS Membership Boosts Ethiopia’s Role in Realizing South-South Cooperation

BRICS membership will strengthen Ethiopia’s role in the effort to building a reasonable and inclusive world system through the South–South cooperation, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to South Africa, Muktar Kedir remarked.

He added that skillful efforts made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in conducting bilateral and multilateral diplomatic efforts have made Ethiopia’s membership in BRICS to fruition.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia’s membership request to join the BRICS was accepted at the 15th BRICS summit held in Johannesburg last week.

Out of 40 countries that have applied for membership, Ethiopia was one of the six countries whose application for membership was accepted

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to South Africa, Muktar Kedir stated that Ethiopia’s membership in BRICS is considered as a huge diplomatic success for the country.

He further noted that Ethiopia has effectively utilized all diplomatic efforts and means to ensure a successful membership of the nation into BRICS to ascertain the national interest of the country.

“In his speech on the occasion of the 15th BRICS Summit and in his bilateral meetings with the founding members of BRICS Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has informed them that Ethiopia has continued to play a vital role in the formation of major regional and global organizations,” ambassador Muktar indicated.

The ambassador said that the premier gave a strong briefing to the leaders on the imperatives of accepting Ethiopia’s request to be a member of the block as Ethiopia is a great country conducting comprehensive reforms that could also help to promote south- south cooperation.

Ethiopia’s BRICS membership will strengthen the country’s role in the effort to building a reasonable and inclusive world system through the South–South cooperation, Ambassador Muktar indicated.

The membership in BRICS, among other things will strengthen Ethiopia’s commitment to global justice, sovereignty of nations, cooperation for mutual benefits and the creation of inclusive and equitable world system, the ambassador said.

BRICS recognizes the policies of the member nations and their freedom to choose between various alternatives at their disposal, Muktar added.

He stated that as a member of the block, Ethiopia will have access to cooperation in finance and investment as well as other areas of development.

Ethiopia will have ample opportunities to achieve successes in her development efforts particularly in having alternative access to financial sources and additional markets for her export commodities, he added.

According to him, Ethiopia will also be able to have access to transfer of technologies.

He further remarked that the geopolitical position of Ethiopia, her stance to work in cooperation and partnership with other countries as well as her huge manpower and capacity to develop will serve as an asset to voice her views at global level and make it selves a forerunner in all these areas of cooperation.

“As a country that is serving as a voice for Africa and more particularly for the developing countries, her membership in BRICS is meaningful in so many ways.”

It is to be noted that apart from Ethiopia, BRICS has accepted UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina and Egypt as member nations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency