Attires Depicted At Irreechaa Celebration Flourishing, Making it More Attractive: Participants

The traditional attires portrayed the celebration of Irreechaa has been flourishing from time to time making it more visible and beautiful, participants of the festival said.

Ireechaa festival, which is marked annually among the Oromo community, was colorfully celebrated this weekend in Addis Ababa and Bishoftu town in accordance with its values and assets.

The event is becoming one of the big outdoor festivals in Ethiopia decorated with skillfully designed traditional attires which have also been granting additional symbol for the festival.

Participants of the event are very much impressed and amazed by the beautiful traditional clothes as the designs can be taken to the international stages too.

The dresses are intricately embellished with multicolored designs, showcasing the artistry of domestic craftsmanship in Ethiopia.

Participants approached by ENA said that the traditional attires being demonstrated at Irreechaa festival have been flourishing from time to time making this grand event more visible and joyous.

Bayisa Arersa said “I am very happy to see Oromo people wearing different traditional attires from all corners of the region at this festival.”

Celebrating the event in this beautiful manner would create a great opportunity to promote the essence and values of Ireechaa to other nations and nationalities in the country and beyond, he elaborated.

“The traditional attires, ornaments and the over all activities performed by the participants at the Ireechaa festival have been making it more beautiful and attractive.”

Bayisa further stressed the need to promote the beauty of the festival in order to make economic and social benefits out of it by respecting its values.

Another participant of the festivity, Girma Mekonnen said Irreechaa is our culture and identity pointing out that the traditional attires and other cultural costumes depicted by the participants have been increasing from time to time both in terms of type and artistry.

He said we should be proud to have such splendid cultural wealth that could be vital instrument to attract more tourists.

Kumira Seifu on her part expressed her joy to celebrate this festival with such beautiful traditional clothes urging for more efforts to promoting the event.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency