Argentina Ready to Cooperate with Ethiopia in Seizing New Opportunities Opened by BRICS

Argentina is ready to cooperate with Ethiopia and “seize the new opportunities that the BRICS countries have opened to both countries,” Ambassador Gustavo Teodoro Grippo said.

Recall that Ethiopia and Argentina were among the 6 countries that were endorsed recently to join the BRICS bloc.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Argentinian Ambassador to Ethiopia congratulated the country on its acceptance to BRICS.

In a world where communication and cooperation have become increasingly complicated, it is encouraging to see that the nations of the Global South can continue strengthening their ties and helping each other to bring prosperity to their peoples, Ambassador Grippo stated.

“I believe that Ethiopia as well as Argentina will profit greatly from participating in this group of countries that account for 40 percent of the world population and 25 percent of the world GDP,” he noted.

Ethiopia has a lot to offer to BRICS and to the world, the ambassador said, adding that “I really look forward to the country completing its peace process so that it can stand on solid ground and continue strengthening its trade and cooperation with BRICS and the world.”

To this end, Argentina is ready to cooperate with Ethiopia and seize the new opportunities that the BRICS countries have opened to both countries.

Given the huge potential for growth of all BRICS country members, it is only natural that gaining access to such a market will contribute to the prosperity of the two countries, according to the ambassador.

He further pointed out that Ethiopia has a major role to play not only at the African diplomatic level but also internationally.

“As the diplomatic hub of Africa and the second African member of BRICS, Ethiopia will help balance the vision of the group towards a global system that leaves no country behind, ensuring that the countries of the Global South, particularly African countries, are integrated into a system that works for their prosperity.”

Ambassador Grippo added that Ethiopia is also renowned for its fierce defense of its independence and for its fight against colonialism in the African continent and the world.

“I believe that BRICS will open a new forum where Ethiopia, jointly with the other Global South countries, will continue this work towards independent development.”

Given its track record of continued work in promoting the cause of Africa, the ambassador further expressed his firm belief that Ethiopia will be up to the challenge of keeping up with its outstanding work to date.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency