Angola Wants to Consolidate Cooperation with Ethiopia: Ambassador Bembe

Angola is keen to further strengthen cooperation with Ethiopia and share the latter’s experience in agriculture and industrial parks.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Angola’s Ambassador Niguel Cesar Domingos Bembe noted that Ethiopia is doing very well in agriculture and industrial parks development as well as air service.

He said Ethiopia and Angola have been enjoying very good relations since his country got its independence in 1955, and the two countries signed their first agreement in air service after a year.

With regard to air service, “Ethiopia is the heart in Africa. So, Angola would like to learn and strengthen cooperation in this sector. We have a proposal project agreement from Ethiopia, and Angola still working on it. I think we will have news in the next month about this.”

Ambassador Bembe also said that the countries “need to increase cooperation in other sectors like pharmaceuticals and agriculture as Ethiopia has many experiences in this sectors and Angola needs to learn from Ethiopia in the area of agriculture. I also see that you have many industrial parks and we need to learn from this.”

With regard to regional integration, he stressed that African leaders and even the people need to work seriously for the realization of this if we are to build the Africa we want.

According to the ambassador, for a good integration to happen in Africa the counties need to first develop industrially and build infrastructures at the desired level.

“We are still very late, but we have time. For example, in my country, we are developing some projects in the infrastructure sector in order to make sure that we can facilitate the modernization of our people.”

He further stated that Africans have many challenges, but there is no challenge that cannot be overcome. First comes lack of infrastructures.

Next, there is energy problem in Africa. And for development and industrialization to happen we need energy service, Ambassador Bembe said.

“We have also many political challenges. But I think our leaders are willing to overcome the situation. What we need is unity to make sure that our national goals can also align with continental levels.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency