Air Force Chief Vows to Continue Building Strong Air Force

The building of a modern and reliable air force that matches the greatness of Ethiopia will be further intensified, Ethiopian Air Force Chief Lieutenant General Yilma Merdasa said.

Senior officers who demonstrated excellent performance have been given promotions and awards today.

Accordingly, 5 senior officers who served the air force from twenty five to thirty five years were awarded medals, ribbons, and certificates.

Additional five hundred eighty five officers were also given promotion.

The Air Force Chief emphasized during the occasion the importance of human resource and institution building and noted that the air force has been carrying out various activities in this regard.

This concluding Ethiopian year, various activities have been carried out to strengthen military capability and to empower the human resource, he pointed out.

On the occasion of Virtue Day the air force donated the wheat flour harvested from its compound to the low income inhabitants of Bishhoftu town and the environs.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency