Africa Kaizen Annual Conference Kicks off in Addis Ababa

The African Kaizen Annual Conference kicked off in Addis Ababa today with the objective to spread Kaizen activities across the continent.

Kaizen is a management approach that focuses on continuous improvement, increasing productivity, enhancing quality and boosting competitiveness.

Speaking at the opening, Ministry of Industry Melaku Alebel said the Kaizen movement in Ethiopia has seen remarkable growth over the last decade.

We are now poised to further enhance its contribution to national development and sectorial quality and productivity, he said.

Melaku added that Kaizen will aid industrialization, innovation, and the country's aspirations for inclusive economic transformation.

"One pillar of our national development is ensuring manufacturing competitiveness, aligned with the conference theme," he said.

Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ito Takako, recalled former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's 2016 commitment to boost productivity 30 percent in African factories using Kaizen.

"To succeed in the African free trade area, companies adopting Kaizen will leverage competitiveness and integrate into continental trade chains, leading to higher market advantage in Africa," she said.

Takako added that increased competitiveness from Kaizen will also attract more foreign direct investment, benefiting Africa's role in global value chains.

"This two-day conference will showcase how Kaizen, born in Japan, has spread across Africa and aided industrial development."

More than 400 representatives from half a dozen countries are attending the two day conference.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency