Advocacy workshop in Gobabis aims to boost national food security

The advocacy, communication, and social workshop on the National Food and Nutrition Security Policy commenced in Gobabis on Monday.

According to I-Ben Nashandi, the Executive Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, the workshop’s primary objective is to explore strategies for effectively engaging all stakeholders in food and nutrition security initiatives.

The working group on advocacy, coordination, and social mobilisation plays a crucial role in promoting food and nutrition champions and facilitating the participation of all stakeholders in this noble endeavour, he emphasised.

“Food and nutrition security also has significant implications for national security. Much like at the household level, at the national level, we must strive for food self-sufficiency, and this goal is achievable through a multitude of activities outlined in the Implementation Action Plan for the revised National Food and Nutrition Security Policy (2021/22 to 2025/26),” he stated.

Nashandi further highlighted that while some farmers depend on rain for their agricultural production, this can be a hindrance to food production. Therefore, there is an urgent need to invest more in research and adopt best practices to ensure optimal results.

“As we currently grapple with a drought situation, we must simultaneously shoulder the responsibility of ensuring food and nutrition security prevails,” he emphasised.

Additionally, he pointed out that the government has initiated several support programmes for communities. These programmes encompass subsidies for acquiring mechanised machines and subsidised agricultural services available to communities and farmers.

“As champions, let us bridge the gap and lead the way in improving farming and food production practices within our communities. This workshop has been organised to underscore the importance of reviving and strengthening the role of each individual in this endeavour,” Nashandi stated.

He also encouraged the idea of organising tours and visits to showcase successful practices, emphasising that not only does it result in increased food production, it also generates employment opportunities, income, and contributes to poverty eradication.

The advocacy, communication, and social mobilisation workshop on Food and Nutrition Policy is a three-day event scheduled to conclude on Wednesday.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency