47th Session of Permanent Representatives Committee of AU Set To Commence in Addis

Addis Ababa: The Forty Seventh (47th) Ordinary Session of the African Union's Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) is set to commence in Addis Ababa on coming Monday. The session will be held under the theme of the year: "Educate an African fit for the 21st Century: Building resilient education systems for increased access to inclusive, lifelong, quality, and relevant learning in Africa." The objective of the meeting is to discuss various draft reports and prepare the agenda of the Forty Forth (44th) Ordinary Session of the Executive Council scheduled to take place 14-15 February 2024, in Addis Ababa. The opening ceremony will feature statements from the Chairperson of the Commission and the Chairperson of the PRC. Participants at the PRC meeting will include Ambassadors from African Union Member States and AU officials. Source: Ethiopian News Agency