Police in Malipsdrift hosted Sports Against Crime Campaign in conjunction with essential Stakeholders

MALIPSDRIFT - The South African Police Service in Malipsdrift, in conjunction with St. Engenas Zion Christian Church Brass Band and Ga-Mathabatha Tribal Authority; have on Friday, 24 June 2022 conducted a ‘Sports Against Crime’ and Prayer Day campaign at Matsemela High School in Ga-Mathabatha, within Malipsdrift Policing area.

The campaign was led by Malipsdrift Station Commander Lieutenant Colonel Mokoena who teamed up with Colonel Rametse, Lieutenant Colonel Sekgota, Captain Mathabatha, Warrant Officer Maloba and Sergeant Molepo; as well as the Community Policing Forum (CPF).

The purpose of the campaign, as outlined by Lieutenant Colonel Mokoena, was to promote sports against crime and faith in the higher power, particularly in schools, to engage and induct learners or young men and women in healthy competition, practices and discipline; to develop them mentally and emotionally from the grassroots level.

The stakeholders in collaboration with Police including the Department of Social Development, Department of Education, Capricorn District Municipality, School Governing Body (SGB) and South African Football Association (SAFA).

The members expressed the need for the schools, community and all stakeholders to strengthen relations in the fight against crime in order to raise an educated youth and build a society. They also urged parents to support their children in sports and be patient with them because success is not an instantaneous event, but it takes hard work and dedication; and sports does not mean the child will grow up to be a professional athlete but it helps with brain development and other areas of life such as abiding by the rule of all and standing by set principles.

The Community Policing Forum thanked the community for working closely with the Police and all the community support programmes involved. They also urged parents to not be afraid of reporting criminal activity, even when committed by their own children because it could give them a chance to see the light and reform.

The community were advised to report domestic violence and sexual offenses instead of suppressing victims and trying to "solve it within the family". They informed the community that Department of Social Development has partnered with SAPS Malipsdrift Police Station to provide Victim support through the Victim Empowerment Programme.

The keynote speaker for the day Colonel Rametse, emphasised on the need to assess the social ills within our schools and community, troubled youth and the type of crimes they get arrested for and develop methods of prevention and solutions to these issues. "The first solution is to get children involved in sports, as we all know, a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Sports teaches a child a lot of healthy acts that are parallel with everyday life stories including commitment, discipline and fairness", said Colonel Rametse. "We need community involvement in the fight against crime, to assist with information in arresting criminals who are selling drugs to our youth and leading them to a life of ruin and crime". Colonel Rametse concluded by outlining the dangers of the following issues:

* Discouraging the carrying of dangerous weapons.

* Impact of a criminal record.

* Domestic abuse and children.

* The affects Alcohol and substance abuse have on families.

* Bullying.

* Scams and robberies.

* Cable theft.

The sports teams on the day played out as follows:


•1st match - Mashianyane High Scool (15) vs Matsemela High School (0), with Kgaogelo Kgasago and Venolia Teka of Mashianyane High Scool dominating the scoreboard.

•2nd match - Matsemela High School vs Kgalema High School.

•Final - Mtsemela won the final against Mashianyane High School.


•1st match - Mashianyane High Scool (2) vs Matsemela High School (0), with Fellow Kgasago and Vincent Mampa scoring each goal.

•2nd match - Kgalema High School (1) vs Kgadimo High School (0), with Kamogelo Thobejane scoring the winner.

•Final - Mashianyane High School beat Kgalema High School 4-3 on penalties.

The winners were each awarded with a ball, kit, medals and a trophy; while the runners up were each awarded with a ball, kit and medals.

The ceremony was concluded with celebrations; and a benediction by Priest Minister Lesese and the St. Engenas Zion Christian Church Brass Band.

Source: South African Police Service