Kodwa launches Heritage Month

Sport, Arts and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa has officially launched this year’s Heritage Month at the Moletjie Tribal Authority.

Hosted in the rich, unique, and culturally diverse province of Limpopo, the event featured a medley of various components of sports, arts, language, and cultural performances.

Heritage Month is celebrated annually in September and marks the country’s diverse culture and heritage.

The 2023 National Heritage Month will be commemorated under the ‘Celebrating our cultural diversity in a democratic South Africa’ theme.

“This year’s theme puts a spotlight on South Africa’s rich and diverse cultural heritage which incorporates African, Asian, and European cultures and traditions,” said the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

Minister Kodwa said music and dancing are an important part of many traditional African societies.

“We do our traditional dance because it gives us our African identity.”

He also touched on the importance of breaking into song and music as Africans.

“Music is our soul. When we cry, [when we are] happy or saddened, we sing music. Those who do not understand us think when we have bereavement or a death in a family and when we dance, they think we are celebrating. But we’re consoling ourselves.”

“Many centuries ago, we were not allowed to celebrate what we see here,” he added, pointing to the stage where traditional dancers were performing.

He told attendees that Heritage Day is about “celebrating who we are”.

Kodwa also called on Africans to tell their own stories.

“Those books must promote the African culture and diversity of our culture,” he stressed, while adding that traditional leadership is crucial to promoting African culture.

He also urged all Mayors to organise cultural events leading up to Heritage Day, which will be celebrated on 24 September.

The event also unveiled publications of Living Human Treasures in honour of the late Koko Meiki Grace Masuku, Themba Patrick Magaisa, Vho Tshimangadzo Esther Sinyengwe, Oom Petros Vaalbooi and Dr Thomas Hasani Chauke. – SAnews.gov.za

Source: South African Government News Agency