Heroes Who Sacrifice for Country Deserve Honor: Legendary long-distance Runner Kenenisa

The legendary Ethiopian long-distance runner Kenenisa Bekele emphasized that heroes who have sacrificed for their country across all fields deserve celebration, gratitude, and respect.

Ethiopians have been observing ‘Sacrifice Day’ today under the theme “Sustaining a Country through Sacrifices” to commemorate and pay tribute to those who paid sacrifices for their country in all areas of their activities.

The legendary Ethiopian long-distance runner Kenenisa Bekele told ENA that Ethiopia has many heroes who have fought and sacrificed in their professional areas, helping to bring glory to the nation and enhance its reputation globally.

In the world of sports alone, Ethiopia has been represented by inspirational figures like Abebe Bikila, who famously won Olympic marathon gold on barefoot, Derartu Tulu, Fatuma Roba, Haile Gebrselassie, Tirunesh Dibaba, and many more.

Kenenissa himself has made heroic athletic history for Ethiopia through his astonishing victories in long distance events, winning three Olympic golds, five World Championship golds, and 11 golds at the World Cross Country Championships, among numerous other accolades.

"By winning 26 gold medals across major international competitions, I've aimed to highlight Ethiopian excellence on the global stage and make my country proud," Kenenissa remarked.

He further emphasized that Ethiopia has nurtured heroes across many fields besides athletics. "It is the responsibility of all of us to honor and express gratitude towards those who have made heroic sacrifices for their country in any arena," Kenenissa said.

He stressed the importance of acknowledging other heroes, who sanctified their everything to uphold the honor of their country, by giving them the necessary honor, respect and recognition.

Kenenissa noted that overcoming challenges and making lasting history for one's country and people is a great honor.

Living a legacy to generations that are vital to the betterment of people and country should be paid the highest tribute and honor, he said.

The internationally recognized athlete has also urged Ethiopians to realize national development by strengthen their unity.

"I hope all Ethiopians can unite and work together towards national unity, solidarity and development across all fields," he said.

May the New Year be one of peace, love, solidarity and success for our cherished country, he pointed out.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency