State of Emergency Brought Relative Peace in Amhara, Abiy Says

Addis Ababa, The recently declared state of emergency has brought about relative peace and order in the Amhara regional state, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told members of the parliament.

Responding to questions raised by members of the parliament today, Premier Abiy said that from the outset the state of emergency was declared to enforce rule of law.

It has also thwarted the illegal attempt to dismantle the regional government, he added.

However, Premier Abiy underscored that further work and discussion is needed to bring about lasting peace.

It would be appreciable if Tigray and Amhara come to resolution about the contested areas through dialogue, Abiy stated, and added that the government has decided and is working with the people to resolve it through referendum.

Works are underway to resolve the contested areas between Amhara and Tigray in compliance to law and prioritizing to ensure sustainable peace and togetherness among the people, he elaborated.

Meanwhile, the government’s door for other options is open that primarily realizes the aspiration of the people in the two regions’ which is sustainable peace.

In his response to questions raised by the MPs regarding the peace and security of the country, the premiers said the conflicts being observed in some areas are inflicting huge damages.

He called on informal armed groups who are in the jungles to come to the peace alternative expressing the government’s readiness to the peaceful dialogue.

Any demands should be addressed through a peaceful manner as forceful options are futile, Abiy said calling armed groups to refrain from destructive acts and come to peaceful dialogue.

Currently, overthrowing the Ethiopian government through Kalashnikov is implausible for various reasons, the Premier said, and stressed the need to bridge gaps through peaceful dialogue instead of armed conflict.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency