Stage 4 load shedding from 2pm

Eskom has announced that load shedding will now increase to Stage 4 from Stage 2 on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the State-owned entity, the power cut will then revert to Stage 2 later this evening, as it earlier stated in the morning.

“Due to additional breakdowns of a unit at Medupi and two units at Duvha power station, together with the high winter demand, Eskom regrets to inform the public that Stage 4 load shedding,” said Eskom in a statement.

According to the entity, the power cuts will occur from 2pm until 10pm to “ration” the remaining emergency generation reserves, which are depleted.

“These emergency reserves are required to respond to further emergencies in order to maintain the stability of the national grid. Thereafter, Stage 2 load shedding will be implemented as previously communicated.”

Eskom said breakdowns currently total 15 087MW of capacity, while planned maintenance is 1 273MW.

“These capacity constraints will continue for the foreseeable future and all South Africans are urged to reduce their use of electricity.”

The entity has since apologised for the inconvenience and uncertainty caused by interruptions in the electricity supply.

Source: South African Government News Agency