Seminar Stresses Need for Capitalizing on Contribution of Scholars to Nat’l Dialogue

A seminar on the role of scholars in building national consensus has stressed today the need for capitalizing on active participation of scholars in the national dialogue. In his opening remark, Addis Ababa University (AAU) Interim President Samuel Kifle said this is an opportune time to make use of the national dialogue to resolve outstanding issues. The success of the national dialogue should not be left to few politicians but also be inclusive and participatory, he noted, urging scholars to actively participate in the process and discharge their responsibilities. National Dialogue Deputy Commissioner, Hirut Gebreselassie said on her part that the commission is currently selecting agendas for the dialogue, and scholars have significant role in this. Scholars must further strengthen their contribution in this regard, she stressed. The panelists pointed out that scholars had not been active in strengthening the culture of dialogue due to various reasons. It is high time that scholars provided their ex pertise in various forms in order to make the national dialogue fruitful. The participants noted that the national dialogue is the only and best means to resolve differences and maintain lasting peace and stability in the country. Recall that the National Dialogue Commission, which concluded the selection of participants from 7 regions and 2 city administrations, is carrying out various activities in collaboration with various stakeholders at federal and regional levels. Source: Ethiopian News Agency