Seizing Power through Barrel of Gun Impossible: PM Abiy Underscores

Addis Ababa: Democracy and the supremacy of ideas are the only way to political power as it is impossible to take power through the barrel of a gun in Ethiopia today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed underscored. The prime minister made the above remark while responding to questions by members of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) today. Ensuring durable peace and security in Ethiopia is imperative to consolidate the country's development and prosperity and coexistence, the premier stressed. He pointed out that the tendency to achieve political interest through the barrel of a gun is dangerous to the country's politics. This approach has negatively affected our effort to practice reconciliation and decent discussion, he stated. As a result, the peace talks with Shene held in Tanzania with a view to bringing lasting peace did not bring about the intended result. Moreover, the rejection to peaceful options by armed groups in Ethiopia has been causing conflict and displacements, the PM noted. According to the him, the terrorist Shene has been casing significant harm on the Oromo people, whom the group claims to fight for. He stressed the need for exercising democratic principles and putting in place appropriate institutions to consolidate the supremacy of ideas and peaceful transition in the country. Among the institutions established to resolve issues peacefully is the National Dialogue Commission which has been working to bring national consensus in the country. PM Abiy finally urged violent forces to embrace peaceful options and end violence to ensure lasting peace in Ethiopia. He underscored that the government has remained committed to solve all differences in a peaceful manner Source: Ethiopian News Agency