Second Generation Ethiopian Diaspora in Italy, Germany Enthusiastic about Homecoming

The second generation Ethiopian diaspora residing in Italy and Germany have been showing great enthusiasm to the invitation made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for them to visit their homeland. The premier urged the second-generation diaspora to come to their origin in three rounds from 30th December 2023 to the end of September 2024. The first-round homecoming under the motto "Connect to Your Culture" began from 30 December 2023 and ends on 29 January 2024. The second round dubbed "Connect to Your Historical Roots" will take place during the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, and the third round from the upcoming Ethiopian rainy season to 30 September 2024 under the motto "Leave Your Legacy." Following the invitation, Ethiopian embassies in various countries have commenced preparations to facilitate the visit. Ethiopian embassies in Italy and Germany told the Ethiopian News Agency that the diaspora residing in the two countries have shown high enthusiasm to visit the homeland. The embassies have also formed committees that coordinate the visit and provide vital information for the diaspora communities in the respective countries, it was learned. Ethiopia's Ambassador to Italy, Demitu Hambisa said the embassy has conducted discussions with Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin residing in Italy, Greece and Malta with a view to creating awareness. The embassy is also disseminating information and exchanging ideas with the diaspora about the importance the invitation via its website and Zoom, she added. According to her, the second generation diaspora in the countries are expressing huge desire to visit their country of origin. Because the event would help them to get accustomed with Ethiopia's history, its unique cultural and religious heritages as well as learn about the ongoing development activities and pave the way to leave their legacy. The employed youth are showing interest to visit their homeland in the first and second rounds, while the teenagers prefer the third round, Ambassador Demi tu stated. Diaspora Sector Coordinator at the Ethiopian Embassy in Germany, Aschalew Kebede said the response of the diaspora in Germany to the homecoming call of the premier has stirred huge enthusiasm. The embassy is currently engaged in creating awareness about the objective and content of the and establishing a coordinating committee. The visit is pivotal for the second generation Ethiopian diaspora as it creates great opportunity to familiarize themselves with their origin, history, and culture. The call is also instrumental in transferring knowledge and skills to their peers in Ethiopia as well as explore the opportunities to invest in tourism and other sectors to enhance the growth of the country. Source: Ethiopian News Agency