Reaching Consensus Only Solution to Ethiopia, Underscores Chief Commissioner

Addis Ababa: The national dialogue process will help improve relations between different segments of Ethiopian society and nurture a political culture to solve long-standing internal problems, Chief Commissioner of the National Dialogue Commission (ENDC), Professor Mesfin Araya remarked.

The National Dialogue Commission of Ethiopia has officially launched the consultation phase of its national dialogue process in Addis Ababa today.

The session brought together representatives from across all segments of society, including a diverse group from the 119 districts of the Addis Ababa city administration.

This consultation phase is crucial as participants are expected to discuss and jointly select agenda items. It is also a platform in which representatives from respective localities will be elected to join other participants from regions and other stakeholders for a dialogue to be conducted at national level.

In his opening remarks, the Chief Commissioner, Professor Mesfin Araya highlighted the commission’s ex
tensive preparatory work, having surveyed 11 regions and 2 city governments, and included organized religious, civil society, and political institutions at every level.

The commissioner emphasized that the participants in this consultation phase represent a wide cross-section of the Addis Ababa population, including community leaders, women, youth, teachers, the business community, and those displaced from their homes or facing limited participation for various reasons.

Professor Mesfin noted that the goal of the commission is to identify the key national issues that cause differences of opinion, so that consensus can be reached through calm, stable, and respectful national consultations.

‘Reaching consensus is the only lasting national solution,’ the chief commissioner underscored.

The commissioner also hoped that this dialogue process will help improve relations between different segments of Ethiopian society and the government, develop a political culture to solve long-standing internal problems, and e
stablish a durable peace and an acceptable state structure.

“As we have learned from the countries that have reached the top of the development path, the only national solution that has no alternative is to reach a consensus in a calm, stable and respectful environment,” Professor Mesfin remarked.

Professor Mesfin stressed the need to take a new path to achieve new results, noting that the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission has created a historic platform where people can participate equally with other stakeholders in the process and make their mark through meaningful participation.

“This is a historic platform where the people can participate equally with other stakeholders and leave their legacy through meaningful participation,” he stated.

The consultation phase is set to continue over the coming weeks, with the commission aiming to gather input from a diverse range of Ethiopians.

The commission, operational since February 2022, has three years to achieve this ambitious goal. This week marks a cru
cial turning point.

The national dialogue sessions in Addis Ababa run from 29 May to June 4, 2024. Their task is to collaboratively determine the agenda for a broader national dialogue. This is a critical first step, ensuring a range of voices are heard and the most pressing issues are addressed.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency