President Sahle-Work Receives Credentials of Eight New Ambassadors

President Sahle-Work Zewde has today received credential letters from newly appointed ambassador of eight countries.

The ambassadors of Turkiye, Angola, Zambia, Chile, Eswatini, El Salvador, Guatemala and Sri Lanka have presented their credentials to President Sahle-Work.

Turkiye Ambassador to Ethiopia, Berk Baran said my priority here will be the strengthening of the cordial relations between the two countries in various areas of cooperation.

“We are enjoying excellent relations in many fields. We have a lot to develop this cooperation in political, trade and investment relations and also in cultural and education fields. My priority here will be the strengthening of these relations just in any areas where there is cooperation, where there’s potential,” the ambassador elaborated.

Noting that “this is my first ambassadorial posts” he said “it is my honor to be serving here at the political heart of Africa,” as the ambassador of Turkiye.

Ambassador of Angola to Ethiopia, Miguer Cesar Domingos said Ethiopia and Angola have a good potential at the level of agriculture and other sectors.

“We have good cooperation at the diplomatic level, but we need to start economic relations. Ethiopia has many experiences with agriculture. We need to get this experience to work together so we can contribute to the development of the two countries and the wellbeing of our citizens,” he added.

El Salvador Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ignacio de Cossio Perez de said on his part the historic moment has just recorded El Salvador for first time accredited it’s first ambassador in the diplomatic capital of Africa.

It’s the biggest step after the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2016, according to the ambassador.

He said “Ethiopia through its cooperation actions has shown to the world a high commitment to the international community, being an important actor in the promotion of development and peace in Africa.”

To this end, El Salvador wishes to share with Ethiopia technical knowledge in ares such as health, innovation, agricultural, economy, tourism, among others.

Newly appointed ambassador of Eswatini to Ethiopia, Mahlaba Almon Mamba said on his part the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Eswatine have improved a lot.

“It is a great pleasure to serve in this country and our bilateral relations have improved a lot. And as I speak now, we have negotiations with the government of Ethiopia and has initiated some bilateral talks,” the ambassador stated.

They want Ethiopian Airlines to utilize our facilities in the Kingdom of Eswatini, he said, adding “as I speak now, talks are already at an advanced stage and we are very much pleased.”

Other ambassadors also reiterated that they will work to deepen their bilateral relations with Ethiopia in multifaceted spheres for the mutual benefit of the respective countries’ people.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency